postcard from sicily

What a beautiful island is Sicily – from its green (in April at least) rural areas… to its stunning mountain-top villages and towns. These are examples of historic fortified towns and a history that goes back to who knows when.  Present day city builders could learn a lot from the layout of public plazzas and… Read more »

where have all the car parks gone?

Moreland City Council have announced they will be removing minimum off-street parking requirements for all residential and commercial developments in some locations.  These locations are all well serviced by public transport. This bold change is hoping to achieve a greener and healthier future by reducing car usage.  The Council admits that its decision is controversial. … Read more »

new apartments for bentleigh

Collie recently assisted the client in obtaining town planning approval for the development of a four-storey apartment building in Bent Street, Bentleigh. Collie worked closely with the architect and client in advising on the built form requirements in order to develop a proposal that would be able to be supported. As part of the town… Read more »

new subdivision in highlands

Collie assisted Stockland in obtaining town planning approval at ‘Highlands’ in Craigieburn for the subdivision of land known as ‘Subdivision Plan 19’ (SP19).  SP19 will be the newest addition to this extensive and successful Stockland development. The approved subdivision (layout below) comprises 130 lots with a mix of conventional and medium densities.  A number of… Read more »

there are tunnels and then there are tunnels

In Australia, transport tunnel projects are still newsworthy especially where they have a wider purpose. In Norway things are a bit different with rail and road tunnels being commonplace but nevertheless, often engineering marvels – but in fjord / mountain country, you deal with the conditions. For example, if you leave Bergen on the west… Read more »

planning advice in new south wales

Collie has assisted two clients with planning advice on projects in New South Wales. The first project was a residential development in Exeter, south of Sydney in the Southern Highlands.  The project involved a development application that resulted subsequently in an approval. The second project involved planning advice to a national client on a potential… Read more »

bushfire requirement confusion

Readers of the Collie newsfeed will note that in December 2017 the Victorian State Government gazetted a change to the Victorian Planning Provisions which introduced Amendment VC140, which updated the Planning Policy Frameworks to provide a greater focus on bushfire risk-based planning. At the time of Amendment VC140, it was acknowledged that all levels of… Read more »

Retirement Living Outlook

A Property Council of Australia breakfast on Retirement Living was held this week as part its ‘Outlook’ series. The event started with a presentation from media personality Red Symons which helped the crowd get going with the early start. David Frost from Cottee Parker Architects was then presented on an integrated Aged Care and Retirement… Read more »

pencil towers to dominate melbourne?

Skylines of ‘skinny’ skyscrapers are seen in New York City and Hong Kong but Melbourne is emerging as Australia’s own city of pencil towers. The slenderness of a pencil tower is based on the site’s width in proportion to the building’s height.   The towers are usually comprised of residential apartments. The Sydney City Council is… Read more »

stockland adds to the grove

Collie assisted Stockland in obtaining town planning approval at ‘The Grove’ in Tarneit for the subdivision of land known as ‘The Grove South-West’.  The Grove South-West will be the newest addition to The Grove estate which once completed, is expected to contain approximately 2,500 dwellings. The subdivision (layout below) comprises over 720 lots with a… Read more »