Month: September 2014

AFL Grand Final parade

Melbourne put on a beautiful spring day for the AFL Grand Final parade today.  Good luck to both teams and their supporters tomorrow.

Residential Zones Stage 1

Regular readers of Collie News will know that we have been monitoring closely the introduction of new residential zones across Victoria.  This week a series of ‘Stage 1’ reports prepared by the Residential Zones Standing Advisory Committee (which was appointed by the Minister of Planning to advise on the method and application of the new… Read more »


Collie has been into high fashion recently. We have assisted / prepared planning permit applications for a variety of ‘high-end’ fashion stores in the Melbourne CBD. These have included the following with a number currently or recently under construction. Louis Vuitton Paspaley Pearls Gucci Marais H&M


It was Sir Thomas More who coined the term ‘Utopia’ in his book published in 1516 of the same name.  The book related to life on a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean with a perfect social and political system. Today, the word is generally defined as a community or society possessing highly desirable or… Read more »