Month: April 2015


The Victorian State Government has revised the strategic framework for the Fishermans Bend urban renewal precinct.  Last week, Minster for Planning Richard Wynne, released an amended Fishermans Bend Strategic Framework Plan that includes a number of key changes to the July 2014 document prepared by the previous coalition Government.  Notable changes include: the removal of… Read more »


City Limits Panel Discussion The Property Council of Australia facilitated on 16 April a panel discussion on issues around the future growth of Melbourne.  The discussion was ‘oiled’ by a presentation form the Gratten Institute on some key findings from its City Limits book released earlier this year. In a follow on from an article… Read more »


The urban heat island (UHI) effect is a phenomenon experienced around the world.  It relates to metropolitan areas that are significantly warmer than the surrounding rural areas. The UHI effect is caused by an increase in heat-absorbing, impervious surfaces such as concrete roofs, walls and pavements and a lack of green space within cities.  Heat… Read more »