Month: May 2020

VC175 Industry Buffer Changes

The Victorian State Government gazetted recently changes to the Victorian Planning Provisions, introduced via Amendment VC175. Amendment VC175 addresses changes relating to industry buffers in terms of amenity, human health and safety impacts.  It amends the Planning Policy Framework (PPF) and Clause 53.10 (Uses with Adverse Amenity Potential). The changes to the PPF aim to… Read more »

New Supermarket-based Neighbourhood Activity Centre

Collie is pleased to have assisted the client recently with town planning investigations as part of its due diligence relating to the possible purchase of land earmarked for a supermarket-based neighbourhood activity centre, in the northern growth corridor of Melbourne. As part of its role, Collie provided detailed town planning advice on the planning scheme… Read more »

Get on your Bike

Due to COVID-19, the City of Melbourne has been investigating ways to maintain social distancing restrictions for pedestrians, joggers and Cyclists within the Municipality.  This comes as the number of Cyclists across the City have increased significantly since the onset of COVID-19. To address this, the City of Melbourne has proposed the removal of some… Read more »

Balenciaga on Collins

Collie was engaged to assist Balenciaga in obtaining a planning permit for a new store at 181 to 187 Collins Street, Melbourne.  Collie worked closely with the project architects (Arkhe Tekhne) to lodge a planning permit application for alterations to the façade to the building and advertising signs.  The building is affected by heritage controls… Read more »

New Development in Gisborne

Readers of the Collie newsfeed may recall the assistance we provided to ID_FLK Gisborne Land Pty Ltd on the approval of the Gisborne Area 4B Development Plan (G4BDP). Collie appreciates the opportunity to provide continuing assistance on the project with town planning approval being obtained recently for the subdivision of land in the G4BDP area…. Read more »